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We are not a full service advertising agency.

That means that we are not right for every business. Sometimes even a small start-up business needs more than we offer. What we are is a resource for companies who need help getting started, or would simply like to get more out of what they are already doing. We can help position your company and develop creative advertising and marketing materials with compelling selling messages. We can help identify your best prospects and devise programs that will reach them at home, at work or online. We can help YOU do more and save money by not having to pay steep mark-ups or agency commissions.

Our standard list of services include:

  • Writing, designing, programming and hosting your website
  • Creating consumer and business-to-business ads that get results
  • Writing, designing and printing company brochures and your product or service specification sheets
  • Developing small, focused, direct mail campaigns for customer prospecting that generate sales
  • Designing billboards, posters and signs
  • Writing and producing radio commercials
  • Helping you choose the right message and the right media to get it out to the right audience
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